We integrate responsible tourism principles into all our services, from Master Plan development to Event Management, providing expert strategic advice that goes beyond checklist sustainability and charity.


Tourism Strategy, Policy & Framework Development, Project Identification

The roots have to be strong if the tree has to grow well. We take this lesson seriously as we work with our clients to develop strategies, plans, frameworks for their growth and progress.


Tourism Master Plan creation and implementation

We provide end-to-end services, from baseline and feasibility studies to execution, monitoring and evaluation. We believe market intervention is key in destination planning. We ensure that our clients are seen in the right places at the right time.


Innovative Product Development

We collaborate with communities and industry stakeholders to develop innovative and authentic products. Most importantly, we co-create transformational experiences for travelers that benefit host communities.


Market Analysis and Business Development

Combining an expert overview of current trends in tourism and specialist knowledge of niche markets, we analyse your current market position and develop strategies to improve your reach using both conventional and innovative channels.


Market Representation

Our Market Representation specialists can bring your business to established and emerging markets in Northern Europe, North America and India. Our in house marketing, public relations and representation division Isthmus Connect can ensure a stronghold for your business in French Speaking, German Speaking, English Speaking and Scandinavian markets.


Social and Traditional Media

We develop and implement strategies that maximise your potential to reach customers. This combines more traditional routes such as PR with a full suite of social media approaches. 


Documentation and Storytelling

Creative story telling highlights the best in responsible tourism. We can assist you in documenting relevant experiences and communicating them to whichever groups need to hear them, be they investors, guests, or employees.


Training and Advocacy

We are not armchair academics. We offer fun and relevant training for you and your team grounded in first-hand experience and backed by industry knowledge.


Building Partnerships, Networks and Event Planning and Management

Tourism is a complex industry that requires collaboration on various levels. We have a large network and are generous in using it to bring relevant players together for a common purpose. If you are looking to connect and broaden your horizon, whether investor, entrepreneur, government official, or musician, feel free to get in touch.


Sustainable property management

We take up turn key projects, working closely with owners of properties to ensure they understand and reap the business benefits of managing a property responsibly. We provide a range of solutions from no cost and low cost ones to resource intensive ones ensuring that sustainability initiatives result in a strong ROI for your property.


The Future

Have a crazy idea? We want to hear it. If you need a creative and energetic team to work on something extraordinary that you believe will revolutionise the travel business, give us a shout.